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Saturday, May 10, 2008

NEW: I am the Canadian Delegate - May 19 - 7:15pm

I am the Canadian Delegate
Duration: 48:00 – Director - Wesley Lowe
Canada 2007. Director: Wesley Lowe.

Pacific Cinémathèque
1131 Howe Street, Vancouver

Wesley Lowe’s inspiring documentary tells the story of B.C.’s Douglas Jung (1924-2002), a World War II veteran who was Canada’s first Chinese Canadian Member of Parliament. Jung’s story embodies the struggles (and victories) of many early Chinese Canadians. Born and raised in Victoria at a time when ethnic Chinese were denied the rights of full citizenship, Jung nonetheless volunteered to fight for his country. The wartime service of Jung and others like him saw Chinese Canadians finally gain equal rights, including the vote, in 1947, opening the door for Jung’s groundbreaking political career. 48 mins.

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