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Friday, April 18, 2008

explorASIAN 2008 OPENING EVENT - May 1 - 7:30pm - SOLD OUT!


MAY 1 - Thursday - 7:30pm
"Infinite Echoes from Japan: New Directions in Traditional Japanese Music"

On the occasion of the 80th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between Canada and Japan, the Japan Foundation is pleased to sponsor an evening of neo-traditional Japanese music as the opening event for the explorASIAN 2008 Festival celebrating Asian Heritage Month in Canada.

Frederic Wood Theatre
6354 Crescent Road, UBC

Location map

Free Admission - Seating is limited - Reservations are recommended.

Please RSVP by April 25 - 5pm PST. SOLD OUT!
RSVP Waiting List (email only) or show up at the theatre for unclaimed seats.
(sorry-no guarantees on either option)

Please RSVP via email to with the subject line "Opening Event" with your full name and number of tickets required. Limit 2 tickets per person lease.

Tickets not claimed at the theatre by 7:10pm will be released to the public. General seating only. Please arrive early for best seat selection.

"Infinite Echoes of Japanese Neo-trad Music"

Trad:isme will introduce new creative music while carrying on the old traditions of Japan. The traditions of Japan lie in not only music but also in other fields that are passed down century after century from one generation to the next, where each generation creates new elements to entertain audiences in the future. The "Trad:isme", guardians of the past and creators for the future, will play tunes that sound both classic and modern. (Concept notes by Mitsuhide Koike)

The Japan Foundation is proud to present the “INFINITE ECHOES FROM JAPAN” music ensemble.

This ensemble exemplifies the rich musical traditions that are present in Japan by combining traditional dances and songs from the southern islands of Okinawa and Tsugaru shamisen from northern Japan with western musical elements through piano and drums. This unique group is the cream of the crop of Japanese performing artists who have quickly risen to the top of their fields within the recent surge in popularity of traditional music in Japan.

Hailing from the north and south of Japan, this group of young performers represents the diverse musical traditions that have carried on from generation to generation, which continues to resonate in their beautiful performances. The discipline and skillfulness of the performers not only expresses their mastery and understanding, it also shows how deeply rooted they are in keeping to the authenticity of the musical traditions. This is echoed in their performance, and combined with their powerful creative energy, they are pushing the boundaries towards new directions of traditional music.

Brought together especially for the concert, this ensemble of performers will be touring across Canada, making stops in Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver.

This tour has been organized to celebrate the 80th Anniversary of Diplomatic relations between Canada and Japan.

Consulate General of Japan in Vancouver