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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

NEW: Asian Heritage Month Broadcasts on Canada Live

7 nights a week from 8 to 10, CBC Radio 2 listeners will be transported to concert halls, music clubs and festival stages across the country for live performances from the best Canadian artists. The show will be on the move, coming from a different major Canadian music centre each night.

Tune in to these great AHM broadcasts on Canada Live:

May 3 Tambura Rasa + Debi Prasad Chatterjee

"From the Middle East to Vancouver's East side, and far and wide, Tambura Rasa takes you on a musical journey.

From the richness of India and the upbeat sounds of West Africa, to the sensual rhythms of the Middle East, the joyous dance of the Balkans and the Flamenco of Spain, Tambura Rasa's tour is non-stop.

Tambura Rasa a quintet featuring vocals, multi-percussion, bass and violin includes rich ancient traditions from diverse corners of the world with an acoustic underpinning that keeps the sound grounded."

Pandit Debi Prasad Chatterjee is a highly regarded name among Indian musicians as an outstanding Sitarist and teacher of Indian Classical Music. He has been honored with many awards throughout his illustrious career including the 'President's Award' and was named "National Scholar of Music" for his contributions to the promotion of Indian Classical Music. Chatterjee brings his instrument to CBC Studio One for a concert with local musicians Sunny Matharu and Peter Berkham. A collaboration between some of Canada's rising Indian musicians and an international star.

May 19 Mani Khaira + Navaz

Ever wondered what piano pop masters Elton John and Billy Joel would sound like if they were writing music as young men today? That might be just what Mani Khaira is doing with his music. But it's Mani you really hear because Mani Khaira brings an emotional energy to his sound that always makes it personal. This is keyboard oriented pop for those who love a good tune. Recorded in the sonic perfection of Vancouver’s CBC Studio One.

Navaz is a collaboration between guitarist Eric Tompkins and Persian vocalist Neda Jalali. Navaz translates from Farsi as "a soothing melody". The music will make you want to dance or take you on an exotic journey to far away places. Eric and Neda came from a somewhat far away place in the BC interior (Prince George) to perform a concert for a sold out audience in CBC Studio One in Vancouver.